Skruta / Foible Instinct / Forever Wasted - Split

by Forever Wasted

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This songs are taken from 3-way split Skruta / Foible Instinct / Forever Wasted.

Foible Instinct (grindcore):

Skruta (grindcore):


released May 1, 2011

Recorded at Rockarea Studio, mixed by Ilya from Mozergush
released at DIY-label Trismus Records (tr004)




Forever Wasted Киев, Ukraine

Forever Wasted was founded in 2008 with intention to play sludge doom. Later on, after some changes in lineup, music become more varied. Band broke up in 2015, but released debut album in 2016.

Oleg - guitar
Nikolay - guitar
Kostya - bass guitar
Sergey - drums
Anatolij - vocals
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Track Name: Machines
Humans have grown lifeless slaves on their own
Humans were blind, obsessed with greed
And will to survive
Humans gave mind to machines
Metal and plastic has risen

Desperate and defensless humans will fall
Metal covered in blood
Where was our God?

Our bones will be a perfect soil for their cold structures

Last moments of human race
No more force to resist
Life signs are low

Scorched desert land
Dirty hot sand
Trees turned into dust
Humans choke with rust

Machine cannot lose it's mind
Machine doesn't have a fear inside
Machine's heart wont bleed
Feelings it doesn't need

New rulers of planet Earth
Speachless, ruthless
Speachless, ruthless
Track Name: Mouth Full Of Blood
I'm struggling to breathe
Modern disease
Annoyed by your filth
Modern disease

Living in exile
Endless denial
Swallowing lies
Endless disgust

Mouth full of blood
Cracked acute dirty teeth
Taste of rotten ground
Mouth full of blood

Corruption runs through our doomed society
We stumble and we can not stand
Toxic fog hides us from each other
We stumble and we can not stand

Mouth full of blood
Torn off wet tongue
Flesh poisoned with fear
Mouth full of blood

I'm struggling to breathe
Modern disease
Annoyed by your filth
Modern disease

Sick of your lies
Endless disgust
Annoyed by your filth